Thursday, 31 March 2011

Indian Tavern Tandoori Restaurant

Indian Tavern Tandoori Restaurant, Wagga Wagga

The Style: Indian Tavern Tandoori Restaurant is like a piece of Bollywood landed in the middle of Wagga Wagga. You will be greeted by stone elephants as you enter the restaurant via the tiled entranceway. The restaurant is decorated with embroidered rugs, gilt-framed paintings and trinkets in all the colours of the rainbow. It comes dangerously close to being gaudy but luckily pulls up short of that…just!

Poppadums with onion and tomato relish

Chicken Pakora

The taste: The restaurant offers up a large menu of Indian classics. The flavours are great and you can choose the level of heat you want in your curries. The butter chicken here is so different and so much better than any other I have tried. The Rogan Josh is also particularly good with the beautiful spice combination really packing a punch. The Indian Tavern is becoming quite well known winning a number of local and regional awards. Most recently, it won the 2010 Restaurant and Catering award for regional Indian/Sub-continental restaurant and was also recognised in the 2010 I ♥ Food awards.

Butter chicken and Lamb Rogan Josh

The service: The service here is always great – the staff are polite, smiling and eager to help. The wait for food is never unreasonable once your order has been placed. The only downside is that you will be unceremoniously turned away if you don’t have a booking on busy nights so always call ahead to be on the safe side.

The price: Meals are reasonably priced with entrees from $5.90 - $18.90, mains from $13.90 - $24.90 and breads abd accompaniments from $3.50 - $5.50. The restaurant is licensed.

The location: The Indian Tavern Tandoori Restaurant is located at
81 Peter Street, Wagga Wagga. It has a sister restaurant at 14-16 Pall Mall in Bendigo.

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  1. Hi there,
    I somehow stumbled upon your blog from google I think & I'm excited to find a blogger from Coota. We've too made the tree change from Sunny Port Stephens to 6 hours away to Coota (well Stockinbingal to be exact) we've only been here since the end of last June. Most of the blogs I read are of ppl from Syd, Melb, Brissy & o'seas so it's nice to see a local blogger!!
    I love food & wine so I'll certainly be keeping an eye on your discoveries!
    My blog is all sorts of stuff from baking, vintage stuff & handmade but I'm also putting a bit of my country life on there too.

    I look forward to reading your blog,
    Katie of Sweet Rustic

  2. Thanks for your kind words Katie! I think bloggers are a rare breed in the Cootamundra Shire! I look forward to keeping an eye on your country life stories too - Stock is definately a far cry from Port Stephens...

  3. I may have to email you two! I don't like to disclose exactly where I live due to internet privacy, but let's just say I live really close to you two;) We should try to see if there are others!

  4. I love the butter chicken here!
    I have to admit, there have been many nights when we've been traveling through Wagga and have just wanted something fast to eat in the car while we get on our way. So we've stopped in here and ordered a bunch of stuffed naans to eat on the way. I've yet to find another Indian restaurant that has such a wide range.
    If you visit here, keep an eye out for theowner. She has a vivacious personality and keeps close tabs on her staff and their work.