Saturday, 27 August 2011

Signs that spring has sprung!

Old Cootamundra Hospital surrounded by spring blossom.
One thing that Cootamundra does very well is seasons - there are four very distinct looks which Cootamundra skips between and I am happy to say that it is shaking off its dull winter cloak and stepping out in style at the moment. 

Cootamundra - the wattle town.
Cootamundra is of course famous for wattle. A few weeks ago, I noticed that the little pom pom balls of yellow fluff were starting to appear and then in a matter of days, it was everywhere. In Cootamundra, the wattle is the first real hint that the worst of winter is gone.

Daffodils, Wallendoon Street, Cootamundra
Over the last few days there has been an explosion of fresh new buds, leaves and blossoms across Cootamundra. Petals have been drifting from the trees like little flurries of snow, there is the smell of summer in the air and the constant hum of bees making the most of the flowers.

Blossoms around Cootamundra.
I have also been pleased to see the first hints of a few goodies which I hope to be eating later on in the year - my little blueberry bush is bursting with blossoms, there is the hint of a few strawberries on my plant which I picked up for $2 at the markets a few weeks ago and the fig has a couple of tender new leaves poking their heads up!

Potted strawberry
The fig's first leaf for 2011
I have also noticed the chooks have a spring in their step - they are chasing the new bugs around and gobbling them up and the eggs have been coming a lot faster than they did in the dead of winter.

So cheers to spring (although a couple of days early) and the promise of good things to come!

Spring chicken!
Cootamundra Post Office, spring blooms and the new gingko tree.

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