Monday, 19 September 2011

Canola fields and stormy skies, Cootamundra, NSW

Canola field and looming storm, Harden, NSW

I have been in Cootamundra for three years now but am still not sick of seeing the hills shrug on their yellow capes of canola flower every spring. The yellow gets so bright that it seems to be glowing and is really a sight to behold. I thought I would share a few different views of the canola I have collected over my time exploring around Cootamundra.
Canola Field, Junee
Canola Field, Junee
Canola field, Ganmain, NSW
Canola under a beating sun, Galong, NSW
Canola and church, Wallendbeen, NSW

Canola, Ganmain, NSW

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