Sunday, 13 May 2012

Roses Family Restaurant (Lebanese), Cooma

Kebabs and fattoush, Roses Family Restaurant, Cooma
The Style: The style at Roses Family Restaurant is mercifuly under-done. Unlike some Lebanese Restaurants  where there are so many plates, carpets and other artefacts hanging from the walls that you are put off your meal by the clashing cacophony of colours, Roses has mercifully few - just enough that there are some nice splashes of colour and character.

The Taste: Oh, the flavour! Roses Family Restaurant provides classic Lebanese meals that pack a huge flavour punch. The salads are fresh and zingy, the meats are tender and marvellously seasoned, the dips are like little bowls of heaven. The tasting plates provide a good overview of the menu but if you order one, make sure you have a big appetite as the servings are very generous. Make sure you save a little bit of room for dessert too - my favourite is the velvety delicious kunefe but the restaurant also has a special signature dessert - the drunken soldier - which is popular with the locals.
Kibbeh, fattoush, bean salad and dips, Roses Family Restaurant
Roses Family Restaurant, Cooma
Kunefe, Roses Family Restaurant, Cooma
The Service - When you eat at Roses, it  is really like being part of a big family - Tony and the team will make you feel like nothing is too much. The hospitality is almost as amazing as the food! Roses also has a belly dancer perform occasionally which adds to the fun of it all. (A word of warning - if you visit on one of these nights, be prepared to get up and shake your booty between courses!)

The Location: Roses Family Restaurant is located on Massie Street in Cooma (opposite the park).

Vegetarian tasting plate, Roses Family Restaurant, Cooma
Lebanese Coffee, Roses Family Restaurant, Cooma
Baklava and Turkish Delight, Roses Family Restaurant, Cooma
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  1. If I had to live on one kind of food, this would be it! Tabouli, Hummus, Falafel! Oh, yum. In fact, I'm making T. for supper tonight. :<)

  2. My husband has been here about five times in the last ten weeks! The food is lovely and the service is definitely something to be raved about.
    Also, our children love the kids room.

  3. Nice review. Haven't eaten there for several years but this makes me want to go back soon!