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Roppongi Japanese Restaurant, Wollongong, NSW

Chicken teriyaki set course, Roppongi Japanese Restaurant, Wollongong
The style: Roppongi in Wollongong is on Japanese style overload - think red lanterns, sushi posters, fish place mats paper cranes hanging from the roof and a fish tank of koi. There is a tatami room which takes up half of the restaurant (remember to wear good socks if you are sitting here - no shoes). There are a few seats along the sushi bar where you can watch the chef slice and dice and also standard tables at the front of the restaurant.
Salmon sushi, Roppongi Japanese Restaurant, Wollongong
The taste: I have been eating at Roppongi since my high school Japanese class went there for an excursion in 1993. I love it as much for the fact that the menu and prices have never changed as for the predictability of the food. The chicken teriyaki set course is a long-time favourite. It is on the salty side but comes with a variety of seaweed salad, Japanese coleslaw and rice which soak up the sauce. The shabu-shabu is tough to beat on a chilly winter night with it's hearty mix of meat and vegetables and the sashimi and sushi are always fresh and tasty. All the usual favourites such as agedashi tofu, edamame beans, spring rolls, tonkatsu, udon and many others are available and all are delicious.
Edamame beans, Roppongi Japanese Restaurant, Wollongong
Fish teriyaki set course, Roppongi Japanese Restaurant, Wollongong
The service: Like the menu, the service here never varies - polite, quiet and efficient. And the same staff seem to have been there forever. 

The location: Roppongi is located at 102, Market Street, Wollongong between office blocks and a tattoo parlour. It is only a short walk from Keira Street which is one of the main restaurant areas in Wollongong and not hard to find.

Miso soup, Roppongi Japanese Restaurant, Wollongong
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