Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sydney Writers' Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 Nominee!!

People's Choice Award

Just a little note to let you know One Hungry Hen is a nominee in the Sydney Writers' Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition.

As an absolute beginner in the blogosphere, I see this is a great chance to look at what all of the other clever Aussie bloggers are up to and get some ideas on how to refine what I am up to. I am hoping to re-focus and rejuvenate my little project to keep it interesting and relevant.

If you want to vote for One Hungry Hen (PLEASE!), I have attached the link here.

Once you get there, hit next. There is an alphabetical list of blogs so to find me, you will have to skip through to the O page. Once done, keep hitting next until you get to the end where you need to verify that you are actually you, not just me voting for myself over and over. Don't forget to hit 'done' at the end so your vote counts! The whole thing takes about a minute so a pretty painless way to stay on my Christmas card list.

While you are there, there are another 1023 blogs listed so if any jump out, why not pay them a visit and if you like them, send a vote their way too! 

Your votes make me this happy!

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  1. The Sydney Writers' Centre is thrilled to announce the return of the Best Australian Blogs Competition for 2012.i hope one hungry hen won this competition and awards.i like one hungry hen's blog.

    Aussie Barn