Thursday, 30 June 2011

Coolamine Homestead, Long Plain, Kosciuszko National Park

The Cheese Hut and Coolamine Homestead, Long Plain, Kosciuszko National Park

Coolamine Homestead, Long Plain, Kosciuszko National Park

Alpine Huts are a part of the history of the Australian High Country and many of them can be accessed relatively easily. Coolamine Homestead is located off Long Plain Road in the Kosciuszko National Park between Cooma and Tumut in New South Wales. Coolamine Homestead dates back to the late 1800s and was restored in the 1980s after falling into disrepair. The surrounding buildings including the Cheese Hut give a real glimpse into the hard life of the High Country pioneers. You can access Coolamine Homestead and the Cheese hut but be prepared for a little disappointment - whilst the buildings and surrounds are so picturesque from outside, they have been vandalised and graffitied inside which is such a shame.

Nonetheless, Coolamine Homestead and it's nearby companions provide a great backdrop for some photos or a picnic. Information boards provide some interesting information on the history and biology of the area which adds another element to the experience.

The Cheese Hut, Long Plain, Kosciuszko National Park
Hut, Long Plain, Kosciuszko National Park

The Homestead is located near Blue Water Holes and there are camping and BBQ facilities dotted throughout the area which are free to use. There are also basic toilet facilities at some campgrounds. The dirt road to the homestead and Blue Water Holes is a little rough at times and I would suggest that if you can access a four wheel drive, that would be preferable, particularly if you are planning to explore side trails.

Snow Gum, Kosciuszko National Park

First snow, Long Plain, Kosciuszko National Park
Kosciuszko National Park

While you are exploring Coolamine Homestead, Long Plain Road and the Koscisuszko National Park in general, keep your eyes peeled for another taste of Australia's High Country heritage - think the wild bush horses referred to in Banjo Patterson classic 'The Man from Snowy River.' A glimpse of the brumbies in their natural habitat is a real thrill - they have a self assured beauty and power which can be mesmerising to take in. The brumbies have been the subject of recent controversy with debate on whether they should be culled or cherished. For more information on Australian Brumbies, click here.

Brumby, Kosciuszko National Park
Brumby, Kosciuszko National Park

If you are visiting the Kosciuszko National Park, this trip is a nice side trip, especially if you like camping, four wheel driving or experiencing Autsralia's pioneer history first hand.  Plain Road is accessed via the Snowy Mountains Highway in the Kosciuszko National Park and the road is subject to closure between the June and October long weekends. Long Plain Road may also be closed during adverse weather conditions so if you are travelling a long way to visit the area, it is best to check the conditions ahead. 

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