Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sundance Bakery, Nuggets Crossing, Jindabyne

Chunky beef pie, Sundance, Jindabyne
Pies, Sundance, Jindabyne
If you are heading to or from the snowfields and you need a snack to satisfy the appetite, the Sundance Bakery is a good choice for a quick bite. It isn't the healthiest choice and certainly not the place if you want a five- star experience but if you are looking for a tasty snack in casual surrounds, Sundance is the place.

The empty-ish shelves in the pictures are a good indicator that the food at Sundance gets snapped up early, especially in the winter ski season. Everything is baked on the premises daily and not kept overnight. Sundance offers a variety of pies and sausage rolls, sandwiches, tarts, strudel and delicious hot, fresh donuts and loaves of bread. Sundance also do a decent coffee if you are after a bit of caffeine to get you going.

Jam donut, Sundance, Jindabyne
Pies and pastries, Sundance, Jindabyne
Sundance is located at Shop 13, Nuggets Crossing complex, Jindabyne, NSW. It is open from 6am to 6pm.
Latte, Sundance, Jindabyne
Sweet treats, Sundance, Jindabyne
Fresh rolls and wraps, Sundance, Jindabyne
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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Aldo's Cafe, Perisher Valley, NSW

The Godfather pizza, Aldo's Cafe, Perisher
Aldo's Cafe looks unassuming from the outside but don't be put off! The food here is delicious, the views are great and the atmosphere is relaxed. Aldo's dishes up a mainly Italian menu but there are a few little surprises in the mix as part of their Aldo's Lights (tapas style) menu.

The pizza at Aldo's is mouth wateringly good with toppings to suit every palate from the simple ham and pineapple through to the Godfather. I have tried a few now and haven't been disappointed yet. As well as the pizza and tapas, there are also pasta, risotto and fish dishes on the menu.
Mussels, Aldo's Cafe, Perisher
Aldo's is licensed with a selection of beer, wine, spirits and cider on offer. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available throughout the winter season but it can get busy during peak times and lunch bookings aren't taken so plan ahead so you aren't left waiting for too long.

Aldo's Cafe is located on the upper level of the Perisher Ski Tube Terminal.

Useful Links:

Aldo's Cafe Website (includes a full menu).
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The view from Aldo's Cafe, Perisher
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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Brunelli's, Perisher Valley, NSW

Brunelli's, Perisher Valley
Mocha, Brunelli's, Perisher Valley
Brunelli's Casa del Caffe Bon is a great little cafe tucked away amongst the madness of the Perisher Valley Ski Resort. Actually, it is probably better described as a key contributor to the madness. It is full of people clunking around in ski boots and wearing the manic head-wear that is only acceptable at ski-resorts and costume parties.

Step within 5 meters of the place and you will hear the voice of Bruno hollering coffee orders from beneath his shock of white hair. He churns them out with precision as the queue hobbles forward balancing baskets of sweets and ski poles.
Portugese tart, Brunelli's, Perisher Valley

Biscotti, Brunelli's, Perisher Valley
Hot chocolate, Brunelli's, Perisher Valley
I don't quite understand the baskets but I guess they save washing up and waste. I filled mine with a delicious Portugese tart and a biscotti which more bread-like than the tough crunch I expected. The hot chocolate with frothy marshmallows swimming on top is just what you need to fortify yourself for a trip up the mountain and the coffee is great too.

Whilst Brunelli's is a little pricey, the prime location and seasonal nature of the place probably justify it. If you are at Perisher and you need either caffeine or entertainment, pay Bruno a visit.

Brunelli's Perisher Valley