Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bacco Italian Restaurant and Bacco Pizzeria, Jindabyne, NSW

Rocket and prosciutto pizza, Bacco, Jindabyne
The Style: Bacco Italian Restaurant in Jindabyne is a cosy, simply furnished restaurant although it does have a pretty eye-catching replica of Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam' which dominates the area above the bar. There is warm wood panelling and some coloured glass in the rear windows but other than that, the food does the talking rather than the interior.
Tacky or terrific? Artwork at Bacco Italian Restaurant, Jindabyne
Bacco Italian Restaurant, Jindabyne
The Taste: There are two Baccos - one is a more casual pizza restaurant, the other has a fuller menu. The food comes in portions which are huge - my salad entree could have easily held its own as a main. The food here is laced with lashings of dressing, garlic, salt and other yummy things but in a couple of the dishes it bordered on being a bit too much.

The food is not served in delicate, fussy portions. It is more homely and hearty which bodes well on a cold winter day. Come to Bacco if you are after generous, no fuss food, probably steer clear if you are expecting a flashy meal.
Seafood chowder, Bacco Italian Restaurant, Jindabyne 
Pear and prosciutto salad, Bacco Italian Restaurant, Jindabyne
Marinara Pizza, Bacco Italian Restaurant, Jindabyne.
The Service: The service at Bacco in Jindabyne can be SLOW. On my most recent visit, there were only three occupied tables but we waited almost an hour between courses. The plus was that the waitress came and explained the reason for the delay and offered a complimentary drink while we waited.

The price: Meals at Bacco are priced around $15-$20 for a main course, slightly less for entrees and desserts.
Passionfruit pannacotta, Bacco Italian Restaurant, Jindabyne
Brandy snap basket, Bacco Italian Restaurant, Jindabyne
The Location: Bacco Italian Restaurant and Bacco Pizzeria are located in the Nuggets Crossing complex in Jindabyne. Nuggets Crossing is off Kosciuszko Road, Jindabyne.

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