Sunday, 29 December 2013

Jimmy's Saigon, Civic

Pho - Jimmy's Saigon, Civic, Canberra
The style: Jimmy's Saigon is a mix of bright, clean and modern interspersed with some old-style souvenir-ishVietnamese touches like a wooden boat hanging above the drink fridge. It is very casual but definitely not dingy.

The taste: The food here was pretty good - the pho broth was great although it would have gone from yummy to out of this world if there were some fresh herbs to finish it off. The rice paper rolls were fresh and soft and the sauce packed a real punch. And the lemon squash was tangy and refreshing. Overall, for the very reasonable prices this wasn't too bad at all.
Rice paper rolls, Jimmy's Saigon, Civic, Canberra
The service: Super quick and polite, the service here was pleasant. Nothing to complain about.

The price: Considering the super-central location and the fact that some big name places are located nearby the prices here were very reasonable - with entrees from $4 and mains from $11, the pricing is pretty hard to beat.

The location: Smack bang in the middle of Civic - on the ground floor of the Gareema Centre on Bunda Street, Civic.

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