Sunday, 26 August 2012

Candelo Markets

The Candelo Market is held on the first Sunday each month on the banks of the Candelo River. It is easy to find sprawling across the park and also into the Candelo Town Hall. The only thing that may be difficult to find is a parking space nearby but there is plenty available if you are willing to walk for a block or two.

It is reputedly the biggest market on the south coast and the hype which surrounds this market is pretty justified. Even in the middle of winter when a lot of markets seem to shrink down to only the die-hard stall holders and shoppers, Candelo is still buzzing.
Fresh fruit and veges, Candelo Market
Glassware, Candelo Market 
Jewellery, Candelo Market
Fairy floss - Candelo Market
Hens for sale, Candelo Market
Candelo Market has such a huge variety of stalls, most of which offer some really unique and quality items - fresh fruit and vegetables, spices, sauces, small goods, fudge, poffertjes, spring rolls, fresh juice, coffee, toffee apples, nuts, honey....and that is just some of the food on offer. Then there are the mountains of plants including natives, fruit trees, succulents, seeds and indoor plants. There are hand made clothes, jewellery, wood furniture, glassware and seriously just about any thing else in between.
Fresh flowers, Candelo Market
Smallgoods,  Candelo Markey

Plants, Candelo Market
The other thing which made Candelo market so much fun was that everybody there seemed to be having a good time and everybody was friendly.

So when you are next in the market for pretty much anything you can imagine, you will probably be able to get it at Candelo Market.

Sauces, Candelo Market
Wooden furniture, Candelo Market 
Preserves and fragrances, Candelo market 
Spring rolls and Samosas, Candelo Markey 
Dutch Pancakes, Canelo Market
Goat milk soap, Candelo Market

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Zen X (Japanese) Teppanyaki and Sushi Bar, Wagga Wagga

Tempura prawn and avocado sushi, Zen X Japanese, Wagga Wagga
Chicken teriyaki, Zen X Japanese, Wagga Wagga
Red Lanterns. Check. Origami cranes. Check. Stone sculpture in pebbles. Check. All of the Japanese restaurant cliches are to be found at Zen X in Wagga Wagga! The fact that there is a Japanese restaurant in Wagga at all is one of those nice, unexpected things that country NSW throws at you every now and again.

Zen X offers up the standard Japanese menu with sushi, teriyaki chicken, yakitori and a few other faithful favourites jostling for position on the menu. Zen X provides a nice little touch with free wasabi peas and pickled vegetables on arrival. The standard of the food is reasonable - it is fresh and tasty but not a blow-your socks-off amazing experience. However, it is more than good enough to satisfy your cravings for all things Japanese while you are in Wagga Wagga. The real winner on the menu is the tempura prawn sushi and the miso soup is also above standard.
Zen X Japanese Wagga Wagga
The service at Zen X is all softly spoken politeness and the food comes out with accuracy and efficiency which is not always the case in country NSW where time seems to run at a generally slower and more peaceful pace.

Zen X is located at xx and also offers a teppanyaki experience and private tatami rooms if you are looking to celebrate.

Miso soup, Zen X Japanese, Wagga Wagga
Tatami rooms, Zen X Japanese, Wagga Wagga

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

40 Cafe and Eatery - a little bit of Irish, Cooma

40 Cafe, Cooma
The sign above the entrance to 40 Cafe promises 'a little bit of Irish'. Walk through the door and you will see a LOT of U2. Bono and Co. are immortalised in works of art which line the walls looking over an eclectic and cosy collection of furniture. 
U2 art at 40 Cafe, Cooma
Parts of the menu are also dedicated to U2 with burgers bearing the names of band members. The food offered up is standard cafe fare. Breakfast includes pancakes, home-made baked beans and the Edge's epic bacon and egg roll. Lunch includes burgers, melts, foccacias and soupBoth the savouries and sweets are generous, homely comfort food. Almost all of it is prepared on-site. The scones are MASSIVE, the cake cabinet is brimming with goodies and the coffee (Bun Coffee of Byron Bay) is good here too.
Portugese tart and cappucino, 40 Cafe, Cooma
Quiche, 40 Cafe, Cooma
Along with the food, 40 Cafe also serves up live music on Saturday nights which adds another option if you are in Cooma for the weekend. 

40 Cafe is located at 89 Sharp Street, Cooma. 

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