Friday, 24 January 2014

Sushi Bay, Belconnen, ACT (and Himawari Sushi, Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Squid, Sushi Bay, Belconnen
The Style: I thought the humble sushi train was something that had died out in the noughties until I went to Tokyo last year and found the sushi train concept alive and well. I think it is a kind of cool way to eat Japanese food with an element of kawaii (cute) and quirky. So thankfully I stumbled across Sushi Bay in Belconnen when I was having a horror of a day - the huge, gold flecked conveyer belt, bad eighties music and shouts of irasshaimse were enough to put a smile on my face!!
Salmon, Sushi Bay, Belconnen
Grilled salmon, Sushi Bay, Belconnen
The taste: Sushi. Lots of it. Sashimi, nigiri, maki... All was delicious and it seemed to be getting gobbled up as fast as they put it out so it was nice and fresh. 

The service: Being a sushi train, it was pretty much fend for yourself but the chefs were happy to churn out alternative offerings when requested.

The price: From $3.50 up per plate. The pricings were clearly marked but the stack of plates builds up pretty quickly so keep an eye on it.

The location: Westfield Belconnen, ACT.

Useful links:
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Fried prawn, Sushi Bay, Belconnen
Sushi Bay, Belconnen
Sushi Bay, Belconnen
Aaaaand just because I can, here was the sushi place in Shinjuku which I practically lived at for a's to Himawari Sushi!! 

Himawari Sushi, Shinjuku
Himawari Sushi, Shinjuku
Himawari Sushi, Shinjuku 
Himawari Sushi, Shinjuku