Wednesday, 20 March 2013

His Boy Elroy, Wollongong

Mini pork bahn mi, His Boy Elroy, Wollongong
The style: This place is uber-cool. There is a New-Yorkish vibe with the industrial style interior interspersed with warm wood. The staff were decked out in shorts, button up shirts and bow ties and even the coaster looked trendy. The food was served on mis-matched plates which looked like they had been swiped from my nanna's place which added a bit of a twist in the otherwise modern setting. His Boy is located in Globe Lane which used to be a dead space but it sitting outside on a warm evening eating decent food and having a civilised drink was a real change from the Wollongong nightlife I remember from years gone by.
Wagyu brisket, His Boy Elroy, Wollongong
The taste: The menu was a bit of a trip around the world with Vietnamese, South American, North American and a few other influences thrown in for good measure. There is a great selection of food which is more generous than tapas but still of a style that can be shared among friends. The pick for me was the mini bahn mi with the wagyu brisket coming in a close second. The only slight disappointment was the chilli dog which didn't really have much chilli - a bit more heat and it too would have hit the mark. The cocktails were great too!

The service: The staff here were friendly, energetic and fun. The orders came out right and the timing was reasonable, especially given how busy it was. 
Chilli dog, His Boy Elroy, Wollongong
The price: The prices were very reasonable - from $5 for the snack-type meals to $18 for a shared plate.  There is a link to the His Boy Elroy menu below.

The location: His Boy Elroy is located in Globe Lane, Wollongong. This is in the mall area with the nearest street access being either Church Street or Burelli Street.

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