Saturday, 26 February 2011

Conquer Mt Kosciuszko (then celebrate with schnapps!)

Mt Kosciuszko
 Climbing Mt Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia should be on every Aussie’s Bucket List, not only for the spectacular views but also it’s proximity to the Wild Brumby Schnapps Distillery.

The easiest way to reach the top is to take the Kosciuszko Express chairlift. Tickets and information are available at Thredbo Village. From the chairlift, it is a 6.5 kilometre walk to the peak. The majority of the hike is on a mesh walkway which is easy to follow and has markers letting walkers know how much further to the top. The walk should take about five hours and passes some truly beautiful scenery which provides a great excuse to stop if you want to take a rest along the way!

In one way, the most disappointing part of the walk is getting to the top – it is like a small cattle yard with people pushing and shoving to have their picture taken having conquered Mt Kosciuszko. That said, the general mood of walkers is friendly with people sharing polite greetings and nods as new walkers reach the top. It is easy to move a short distance away from the crowd, sit on a rock and munch on a picnic in what surely must be one of the most beautiful spots to eat in the world.

The homeward walk takes you along the same path and finishes at the Eagles Nest Restaurant which is the highest restaurant in Australia. The atmosphere in summer is fairly quiet (in total contrast to the ski season) but the Eagles Nest Bar has plenty of snacks and cold beer for thirsty walkers and is a great way to finish the trip and quell the appetite which a thirteen kilometre walk builds up.

And any visit to the Snowy Mountains would be incomplete without a taste of the alpine treat, schnapps. The Wild Brumby Scnapps Distillery is on the Alpine Way between Thredbo and Jindabyne and is really worth a visit. The distillery has several year round flavours as well as seasonal treats such as sour cherry. All flavours can (and should) be tasted prior to purchase. The distillery also has a café which serves homemade cakes, pastries and coffee and is a great way to round out your trip to the roof of Australia.

Wildflowers - Mt Kosciuszko


  • SUNSCREEN - pack your own as a 50ml bottle retails at $9.95 at Thredbo Sports
  • FOOD AND WATER - Pack a picnic lunch and snacks as well as plenty of water – you will definitely appreciate it after a couple of hours walking
  • RUBBISH - Remember to take all of your rubbish with you
  • WEATHER - Pack for all weather – it gets really cold at the top and even snows occasionally during summer.
  • SUNBURN - Slip slop slap – the UV here is extreme so even if it is cloudy, take precautions.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Time for a Treechange! Leaving the coast for Cootamundra.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I had our quarter life crisis. We thought that it was time for a change and decided to go all out when we moved house. Rather than go a couple of suburbs away, we packed up our life and moved three hundred and fifty kilometers west. We left behind our east coast beachside city unit and landed in the small town of Cootamundra, NSW. (Cootamundra is nestled on the south west slopes about half way between Sydney and Melbourne.)

The area is famous for its wheat, canola and lamb but the further I have looked, the more local produce, wineries and great restaurants I have found. My plan is to keep on learning and exploring and share the little gems I find so that everyone can experience what country Australia has to offer. Even if you don't plan to move here forever, I hope I can tickle your tastebuds enough to convince a visit!

Canola Field - Cootamundra, NSW
Canola near Cootamundra, NSW