Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kettle and Seed/Snowy Mountains Coffee, Cooma

Banana bread fresh-baked at Kettle and Seed, Cooma
The Style:Kettle and Seed manages a unique combination of edgy and quaint. There are really cool touches like a string of coffee cups hovering gamely above the front window as well as some great art on the walls and charts explaining different coffee flavours. The sweetness of the place comes from touches like the type of coffee ordered being handwritten in flowing script on your saucer and sugar bowls and spoons just like something straight from nanna's kitchen replacing the less appealing glass stuffed with sugar sachets. There is a real focus on eco-friendliness refelcted not only in the sugar bowl idea but also the re-usable cups on sale and the 'green' takeaway cups. The back of the cafe is dominated by a huge roaster which serves as a reminder that the coffee at Kettle and Seed is brewed and roasted on-site. It is sold as SNowy Mountains Coffee so if you love it (which you most certainly will!) you can take a bag home with you.

The Taste:The local flavour continues not only with the coffee roasted on-site but also the muffins cakes and other sweet treats baked in the kitchen daily, the bread brought in from the nearby Berridale Bakery and the house-made lemonade and iced tea. Nothing here is short on freshness or flavour.
Oh-so-chocolatey muffin baked on-site, Kettle and Seed, Cooma

Snowy Mountains Coffee roasted right here, Kettle and Seed, Cooma

Sugar bowl and coffee beans, Kettle and Seed, Cooma
The Service: The staff here know and love their products and they take the time to chat without being overbearing and pushy. The service is slick and comes with a smile.

The Price: Considering the quality and care that goes into what you get at Kettle and Seed, the prices are great. It is right on par with other cafes in the area for pricing.

The Location: Kettle and Seed and Snowy Mountains Coffee is located on Vale Street in Cooma (just off the Highway).

Home made lemonade, Kettle and Seed, Cooma
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