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Miss Heidi's Tea House, Cooma, NSW

Miss Heidi's Teahouse, Cooma
Miss Heidi's Teahouse, Cooma
The Style: Miss Heidi's Tea House is like a little bit of Austria landed smack bang in the Snowy Mountains. The log cabin dates back to the days of the Snowy Hydro scheme when migrants wanted something to remind them of home. It sits perched on a hill with lovely views to the mountains in the distance. Inside, it really feels like you are in a super-exaggerated version of an Austrian grandma's house complete with paintings of the alps, hats hanging in the entryway and wooden chairs and tables. One word of warning - in a former life, Miss Heidi's was some kind of fairytale adventure park and there are some uber-creepy ceramic princesses with their faces peeling off, one sans-head as well as a handsome prince who has seen better days lurking at the rear of the outdoor eating area. 
Miss Heidi's Teahouse, Cooma
The Taste: Sometimes the simple things done properly are much nicer than something fancy which tastes horrible. Miss Heidi's has a pretty simple menu but oooh, the taste!! So good. From the pot of tea brewed properly to buttery pancakes which were crunchy outside and meltingly good inside, every bite was heaven! The menu features Austrian treats including gulasch, schnitzel and strudel as well as scones, tea and coffee. 

Schnitzel and saurkraut, Miss Heidi's Teahouse, Cooma

Wurst and saurkraut, Miss Heidi's Teahouse, Cooma
Pancakes, Miss Heidi's Teahouse, Cooma
Apple strudel, Miss Heidi's Teahouse, Cooma
Tea in the mountains, Miss Heidi's Teahouse, Cooma

Hot chocolate, Miss Heidi's Teahouse, Cooma
The Price: Reasonable considering it tasted so yummy although a bit more than you would normally expect to pay in a country town. Our morning tea of pancakes, strudel and a pot of tea came in around the $35 mark. Expect to pay $15-20 for the lunch menu - when you factor in that the portion size is huge, the food is delicious and the setting is, well, unique to say the least, it is worth trying at least once if you are in Cooma.
View over the plains to the Snowy Mountains, Cooma
Miss Heidi's Teahouse
The Location: Miss Heidi's Tea House is located near the Mount Gladstone Lookout about 1km off the Snowy Mountains Highway in Cooma. (The turnoff is just south of town). Miss Heidi's is open 7 days per week from 10am - 5pm and for dinner by appointment.

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