Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma

Chicken laksa, Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma
Thai beef salad, Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma
The Style: Pha's Thai Kitchen is perched on the second floor of a building and the experience starts as you get to the top of the stairs - there is a water feature and a welcoming red door which gives a little glimpse of cosy lights that entice you in. The decor is understated but has some nice Thai touches and the lack of gaudiness is refreshing - it definitely doesn't try to hard and lets the food do the talking.

Interior, Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma
Massaman curry, Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma
The taste: If you go to Pha's, be warned - you will want to keep on coming back! It is absolutely delicious and it is great to see such good Thai food being dished up in country NSW where far too many places serve up processed meat and canned veges floating in fluorescent sauce. Pha's is far removed from that with the smells and flavours seriously bursting out of the food. My favourite so far is the laksa but there has not been a disappointing bite - a deep, earthy massamum curry, fresh vibrant green curry and a Thai beef salad that sings on the taste buds... 
Green Curry, Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma
Cashew nut chilli jam chicken, Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma
Mixed entree, Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma
The service: The service at Pha's Thai kitchen most definitely comes with a smile - nothing is too difficult for the staff and rather than making everything bland, they accommodate different heat levels to suit your taste buds. The food comes out reasonably quickly but being anew kid on the block, it can get quite busy.

The cost: Entrees at Pha's Thai Kitchen are from $8-10 and mains range from $13.90 - $20.90. The serving size is reasonable.

The location: Pha's Thai Kitchen is located at 121 Sharp Street, Cooma (upstairs next to the Visitor's Centre).
Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma
Pha's Thai Kitchen, Cooma
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  2. Thanks for your great review Hungry Hen, we're thrilled you had a good experience with us. We'll be looking out for you next time you pass through town.

    We really appreciate your feedback!

    From everyone at Pha's Thai Kitchen.

    1. Steve (and all at Pha's)

      My pleasure - thank you for the delicious food!


  3. We went here last night based on your recommendation. Excellent service, great food.
    Thanks for reviewing.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Glad you enjoyed it!!