Saturday, 20 July 2013

Jean-Michel at the Knickerbocker, Thredbo

Snowy day at the Knickerbocker, Thredbo
From the moment you walk through the quaint orange door, you know this place is going to be fun. Jean-Michel at the Knickerbocker is like a quirky little bit of France plonked right into Thredbo village. The decor comes complete with a snow-themed mural, fishing baskets, terracotta ducks on the wall and even an impressive stack of antlers. It is cosy and warm and the windows offer a panoramic view of the mountains and the Thredbo River.

The food here is absolutely delicious! The hearty pork cassoulet (special) is just the thing to warm you up on a snowy winters day. The burger is jam packed with big flavours and the steak is juicy and tender. The french fries with rosemary and parmesan take the humble plate of chips from something ordinary to something spectacular and the selection of desserts are just the thing to finish of a great meal in style. 

Wagyu and truffle burger, Knickerbocker, Thredbo

Pear and ginger pudding, Knickerbocker, Thredbo
The service here was spot on - friendly, efficient and warm, really adding to a great overall dining experience.

The menu isn't the cheapest with entrees around $19 and mains in the low to mid $30s but the quality justifies the cost - I seriously cannot wait to get back here for another meal!! Take a look at Jean-Michel's menu by clicking here.

Jean-Michel at the Knickerbocker is located  at 1 Diggings Terrace, Thredbo Village. Beware there is VERY limited parking nearby - if you get stuck, the shuttle from Friday Flat will drop you right outside the restaurant.

Pork cassoulet, Knickerbocker, Thredbo

Dessert, Knickerbocker, Thredbo


  1. Oh my gosh, this post made me hungry! I love Thredbo, I feel like you can just run away and escape and feel like you're in another world entirely. I don't have plans to head to the snow this season and your post is making me thing I should make some last minute ones... If I do I'll definitely make sure I check out Jean-Michel at the Knickerbocker!

    Zoe xx

  2. Zoe, if you do end up there, seriously check it out - it is great!!

  3. a quick note to say that a friend of mine forwarded a post from last year you wrote about Cooma ...

    thank you for the work you put into your blog! i really appreciate and enjoy it!